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When Penny Arcade invited me to talk about sex on their site, I jumped at the chance (And, of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to call back “butt virginity" from my Strip Search days)

I think it’s really, really, really important that kids are taught about the emotional & pleasure side of sex, in addition to reproduction. It wasn’t until I was a teen that I learned sex was supposed to feel good for both participants. I grew up believing sex sucked for women. That’s why I’m so fucking obnoxious about sex now. It was a revelation to me that sex could be positive. I’m so vocal about this stuff now as a direct response to the intense sex negativity and slut shaming I was raised with.

I was also super touched by Tycho’s blog post that accompanies my comic: He talks about meeting my gang of teenage cartoonist friends and me well over a decade ago at San Diego Comic-Con, while we were finishing up high school and beginning college.
This was maybe 2002-2003?

That SDCC when we met the PA guys and a whole ton of our comics heroes, it was a really pivotal turning point in my life. It’s not that I ever had one great big AND NOW I SHALL BECOME A CARTOONIST moment in my life, but instead I’ve had many, many positive and encouraging events that collectively built into the realization that I should stick with this passion that turned into a career. That SDCC was one of those events that helped put me on this path.

It means a lot to me that Tycho still remembers that time too.

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