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Summer Showdown July

Welcome to We Don’t Know What We’re Doing Theater! This time on WDKWWDT we’re featuring a battle report for rollis-paints! Ponywithpaws and I decided to hop in on this and actually get a game in. 

1 note - Neither of us have played these lists, casters, or armies before. So this is my first Ret game and her first Convergence game. Keep that in mind. :)

35pts Ossyan vs Aurora

My list

Ossyan with Hypnos and a Banshee heavy myrmidons

2x Mage Hunter Assassins

1x Arcanist

Full unit of Mage Hunter Strike Force with Mage Hunter Commander UA

Min unit of Houseguard Riflemen

House Guard Rifle Team (PROXY) 

Ponywithpaws list

Aurora with Assimilator (PROXY), Cipher, Corallary, Diffuser vectors

Full unit of Eradicators

Clockwork Angels

She won the roll off and made me deploy and go first :)

We were playing SR scenario 2 Supply and Demand (though we pretty much ignored it for the whole game ;) )

So after all of our deployments the table looked like this (yes we’re playing on the dining table, sorry about the glare x.x )


Now, I know some of you are thinking “Why is the corallary so far from Aurora?” Well, it wasn’t until a bit into turn 1 when we looked at its card again and went “oooooh…” So, anyway you can see my plan right away. MH Assassins on the right, MHSF on the left, pin her down and just go for a full on assassination run. 

My turn 1 I run the MHA up the right flank, run riflemen, move the rifleteam,  use the Arcanist to give Banshee 1 focus and run him, and Ossyan casts Quicken on the MHSF through Hypnos to give them a movement boost and then Chronomancer on himself. The very much faster MHSF then runs up the left flank and ponywithpaws is feeling the pressure.


Her turn 1 she allocated 1 focus to each Vector.

Activates Aurora, casts True Path, advances up. She moves the angels up to shoot at the riflemen, but is out of range, 2nd angel shoots at my Banshee but misses by 1, 3rd angel out of range for anything. Then an Oh Shhhhhh moment for me, she runs her Eradicators up and bases one of my assassins! The diffuser runs, moves the focus to the cipher who runs and moves that focus to the corallary. The assimilator tries to lob an AOE onto the MHSF but it falls short and scatters away to a useless part of the forest. Then I realize that ground pounder might be “very bad” for me. The corallary moves closer to Aurora (this is when we read the card. ^.^)


My Turn 2 I upkeep Chronomancer and Quicken, allocate 2 to both Hypnos and Banshee. 

First on deck the rifleteam blasts a hole in one of the eradicators for 5 damage. 4 riflemen take aim and make a combined attack on the wounded eradicator scrapping it. 1st kill! the last 2 riflemen take aim and CRA on the nearest angel, shooting her out of the sky hitting by 1. The based Mage Hunter whirls her chain around and (barely) hits the eradicator, but thanks to her decapitation rule slices him apart at the waist. The second MHA I had to decide - try to make a kill on an eradicator or run? I choose to run. The arcanist walks up to get closer to his best buddy the banshee, the MHSF runs, I base the assimilator with 2 as sacrifices and open up the backfield for my MHSF to get closer to Aurora later for a shot at the kill. Hypnos and the Banshee both shoot the Cipher, doing 11 damage, Ossyan joins in the party and shoots the Cipher too doing another 5. Nothing taken out, but the cipher is looking a little leaky. 


Pony’s turn 2 and shit gets real.

She allocates 1 to the assimilator (which I continue to just call “Ass” the entire game), 2 to the diffuser. The corallary is full at this point and the cipher is void locked thanks to Hypnos and can’t be allocated. :3 

She activates Aurora first, casts transference, moves up and tries to shoot at the scary MHA that’s coming at her like a hungry cheetah. She misses, big time, with no boost. The eradicators choose accuracy, move to block the MHA. 1st attack is a miss, 2nd attack she boosts with transference and one MHA take a buckler blade to the gut, and falls to the ground lifeless. Her sister doesn’t fare much better as the 2nd eradicator pulls some focus off of Aurora and plunges its buckler blade straight through her rib cage. Well, there goes that angle of attack… The clockwork angels advance towards the riflemen, miss. Corallary allocates 2 to the diffuser and bases a MHSF to keep Aurora safe. Diffuser shoots Ossyan (who is sitting on 0 focus), boosts, hits, boosts damage for 6 to my caster! YEOWCH! Corrallary allocates 2 to the assimilator. The assimilator kills both MHSF grunts with boosted attack rolls, slicing through elf flesh like a giant…bladey…bad thing. Lots of elf corpses on the ground now. :(

The angels advance towards the riflemen and miss. The cipher scoots closer to Hypnos, shoots at Ossyan with crater, misses and scatters back to get the arcanist in rough terrain.


My turn 3 - Upkeeps, 2 to banshee and Hypnos again.

MHSF advance, I lose 1 to the free strike from Corallary. I shoot at Aurora’s metallic bottom with that back strike bonus…and I’m out of range. Sh…oot. The arcanist advances, whispers sweet nothings to the Banshee giving it +2 melee damage, Banshee charges the diffuser, avoids a useless boost thanks to chronomancer, hits for 14, swings with his other sword avoids another useless boost dealing 6. Good boy! Hypnos charges the cipher and starts swinging, wrecking the already damaged cipher by ripping off both arms before grinding its clockwork gears to scrap. I split the 6 riflemen into 2 groups, the first three shoot at the angel blocking LOS to Aurora, they miss (ffffff….) leaving the 2nd group who was supposed to shoot Aurora to do their job for them. Dead angel. The rifleteam suddenly remember that hey, we can destroy that objective for points and…are sadly out of range. Good job guys! :p


Pony turn 3  no allocation possible because all of her vectors are out of range. She upkeeps transference. 

Aurora activates first, advances to the barrel, pops feat. Corallary gives its last 1 to the assimilator. Assimilator turns around, ground pounds catching 5 in the AOE, boosts the hit on the commander and … misses all of them. 4 rat vs insane def vs ranged. A clockwork angel runs at Ossyan, the eradicators spread out to block the rifle guys LOS to Aurora and choose +def, 1 bases 2 of the riflemen. The Diffuser tries to bash the banshee, hits him, but its more like a loving nuzzle than an attack. :)


My turn 4 - I drop quicken, upkeep chronomancer. I allocate 2 to each jack again. 

The arcanist shouts encouragement to the Banshee, giving him +2 melee damage again. Banshee goes to town on the diffuser, scrapping it with 1 hit. Ossyan activates, feats, and blows the clockwork angels head off. the 2 riflemen back up, both getting eviscerated for their effort by the eradicator. the 4 remaining riflemen CRA doing 7 damage thanks to Ossyan’s feat but not enough to down 1. The Rifle team shoot at an eradicator who is outside of feat range and manage to only do 1, I really should have shot them at the wounded guy. That’s ok. MHSF is on deck too, right? Aurora is in feat range…yes…yes this will be so sweet. I activate Hypnos who shoots the diffuser for…5. Terrible roll, even under feat. Go MHSF, go get some sweet caster kill. Wait…why are you all missing? WHAT? That’s right, every mage hunter that is in range of Aurora misses. Fffffffuuuuuuuuuu…dge. 


Pony’s turn 4. She upkeeps transference. Allocates 1 to the corallary.

Aurora activates and with an evil glint in her eye Pony runs her right at Ossyan. I am very confused. She then runs the Eradicators right at Ossyan. 1 gets into base. Corallary runs for some reason and bases Hypnos. The assimilator shoots at and hits the banshee, but can’t even tickle him.


My turn 5

Uhm…allocate 2 to hypnos, upkeep chronomancer.

Arcanist gives banshee a focus cause he’s a good myrmidon. Banshee charges the Assimilator for 12 on his first swing, misses with blade #2. Hypnos turns around and wrecks the corallary with a 3 hit combo. The MHSF, riflemen and rifle team all try to take out some eradicators.They all fail to kill their targets. Ossyan swings for his life on Aurora, and misses. Panic sets in. Will house Vyre fail to find redemption?


Pony turn 5. She upkeeps transference. Remembers apparition (we don’t know what we’re doing theater, remember?) and Aurora flickers aside opening up the lane.

Eradicators choose accuracy. 1 Walks up. Swing and a hit. Boosts damage. 10 damage to an already wounded Ossyan.

Pony wins. :)

As Ossyan’s blade fell through the air where the angel winged human caster once stood he stumbled, and felt the bite of a twin blade plunge into his shoulder. He collapsed, eyes closing. The Numen of Aerogenisis looked at the battlefield and realized she was still outnumbered, with no vectors to back her up and only 3 eradicators to shield her. She called for a retreat. Ossyan would live, but barely. The day, however, had been lost.




This is so accurate. At school, we literally have children who will watch our facial expressions to see if them falling is as bad as they think it might be.


  • do not react. at the most, maybe wince and go “ooooh”
  • go over to the child to assess panic level and severity of injury
  • if they’re like, dying, remain calm, but they’re probably not.
  • look them in the eye and ask, “you okay?” they will nod. possibly all teary-eyed. then ask, “are we gonna need to cut it off?”
  • the child is thrown off. if they giggle, you’re in the money. if they do not, put a bandaid on and do some sympathetic patting. they are probably a little teary. let the sad little bug sit out for a minute. they will quickly get bored.
  • works every time

"sad little bug" is the cutest and most accurate term ive heard used to describe a child because sometimes bugs are kinda super cute sometimes bugs are really  annoying and sometimes bugs are downright TERRIFYING

(Source: kaliskadyami)

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